Kinder in NW3

Let's play!

Dear children and parents!

KinderInNW3 is a friendly, not-for-profit German playgroup for pre-nursery children (toddler to 3 years). Its goal is to bring German speaking children together to increase their interest in, and knowledge of, the German language and culture through having fun with structured activities and informal play.

The play group was established in September 2012. The children who joined back then have by now all started school. We have since established the German Saturday School Hampstead. In Spring 2016 the activities of the play group will be merged into the German Saturday School.

Accompanying Adult

A parent or carer needs to be present during the playgroup sessions. German is the only language spoken in the group and parents are expected to participate. Therefore, the accompanying adult needs to be a German speaker, or at least have a working knowledge of the language.


The sessions mostly consist of structured activities, such as singing, dancing, puppet shows, art and story telling, with some time for free play.


From Spring 2016 the playgroup will meet at Heathside Preparatory School in Hampstead.


Please contact for further details or if you are interested in joining.